Well, I cannot explain the result you are getting Red Sun. Sorry.

If I assume that the scan you posted is properly processed in fresh chemistry, then I would say that the paper was defective.

If I assume what Paul says about lasers, I still have to assume that the blue dye washes out, as it is designed to do.

All of this leaves me without the ability to give you an answer. Sorry.

Now, to answer the OT post by RPC, well, you can get an answer by assuming that the paper is balanced so that the orange of the negative is "neutral" to it. In fact, paper is tungsten balanced + "negative orange" and then you still have to add about 50R to most enlargers to get a good print. This is all done to avoid your having to use cyan filtration. Using 3 colors (C/M/Y) is just too confusing.

Another way to look at it though is to say that the paper is designed to ignore the mask.