Pentax 67 Medium Format Camera with SMC Takumar 55mm f3.5 lens, Metered Prism (old style), Wood grip SET.

Paint/body/lens condition:
Minor paint loss on the edges of the body, paint missing on the prism, paint loss on the lens, paint loss on the hood, paint loss on the body, leatherette peeling up slightly near the lens mount, Slight-slight dust in the eye piece, slightly worn foam on prism, some seems blue paint on the bottom of camera, It's a used camera but not abused.

If you want presence this is definitely the kit you want.
The large front element 55mm f3.5 lens is a real performer, fastest 55mm lens Pentax made at f3.5, that extra stop matters.
This Pentax 67 body is one of the last of the original versions before they went electronic.

This is a great setup, i've been using this and recently just started to not use it as often, so i'm listing it here.
It's a great camera, not a perfect looking, but great to use.
Camera has good batteries, and is ready to shoot.

I've got some of my favorite shots from this combo, where the lens is just right, and the format is just right. It's amazing how rare this lens is on the market now, especially with the hood.

Quirks / Condition of the camera:
  1. Metered prism works just fine, if you jolt the camera or swing it fast, the metered mirror section moves left and right, this can be fixed by dismantling the prism and gluing the prism which shines the metered window in place. It never bothered me as by the time I picked it up, the meter would be back to center. What happens is the little prism that shines the meter to your eyepiece is glued, and overtime the glue doesnt work anymore and that little prism can move.
  2. Lens has just a few minor scratches on the front element, doesn't affect images.
  3. Viewfinder piece has the slightest tiny bit of dust can be cleaned out but I didn't.
  4. Metered prism foam is slightly worn, could do with some new foam but won't hurt if you don't do it. It worked great for me, kept in place perfect.
  5. Paint loss ont the body, lens, viewfinder. This is a given, it was a occasional user camera, and it's big. Actually the body is in better shape than the viewfinder it seems.
  6. Shutter speed selector for the meter prism usually comes with a wheel that fits over the existing shutter speed select making it easier to turn, this one does not have that, therefore there is gaffer tape to help assist adjusting shutter speed, I actually preferred this.
  7. The camera operates great and takes wonderful photos, if you can get past that viewfinder meter prism moving situation then it's completely sustainable shooting.

Comes with:
  • Pentax 67 Body
  • Pentax 67 Metered Prism (old style) takes power from the body!
  • Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 55mm f3.5 Pentax 67 Lens WITH rare hood
  • Official Pentax Wooden grip with cold-shoe
  • Official Pentax strap with knuckles to fit on the body

Because of the weight of this item, shipping will be expensive for me.
Price: $600 shipped in CONUS.
Paypal fee included in price. Shipping will be done via USPS Priority (hopefully)