I think here we go circles. Her I'll try one time, trying to get it clear.

This is Fuji CA Super C color paper. Below is a piece of new paper.

I cut the same piece of the paper and put it under sink faucet. No chemical at all:

You can see clearly that the blue/cyan coating was washed away. This paper never sees chemicals.

I cut the same paper into strips and printed 1/2 of them with 18% grey negative. Below are two of them I printed:


The scanner did not do a very good job here. 1/2 of the strips were exposed and the 1/2 were not exposed. After processing, the 1/2 un-exposed strips should be white. The top strip is old and the white paper is white. But the newer (lower, 2nd) strip shows a light blue/cyan color. You probably can't tell from the scan, but I can see clearly with the actual strips. It is the same color tone with the original new paper. This is the same top blue/cyan coating that did not get washed away.

The paper is fine. No problem with it.