Thanks very much for the nice (and complimentary) notes, guys! I'm never sure what to expect to bubble up out of the sludge filter I loosely refer to as my brain, but if it is funny or entertaining then that's a good thing, I suppose. I do have some more things to sell, although time hasn't exactly been my friend lately. Since I threaded a few jokes into this post, here's one more:
A man sends his son off to college. Since the man never got to go to college, he explains to his son that in return for paying for his education, he wants the son to write him lots of letters telling him about college essence, the man wants to live the college life vicariously. He's very specific with the son, telling him to write the letters in the "we" form ("we" did this or "we" did that) so that he'd feel more like he was really there at school. The sons leaves and no letters follow. At Thanksgiving, the father says to the son "I have been hoping to see some letters telling me what "we" are doing. I want to see you do that when you get back." The son nods agreement, but the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break provide no letters at all. Over the Christmas break, the dad reminds the son a little more energetically that he must receive letters telling him what "we" are doing. No letters arrive the second semester, and when the son arrives home for Spring Break, the dad is pretty well at the end of the rope. This time the son promises to send letters telling the dad what "we" are doing. Toward the middle of May, a letter arrives. The dad rips it open excitedly and reads "Dear Dad, We have been studying and working hard in school. We have learned it is more difficult than high school and we must study more. We have met many interesting friends. Last semester we joined a fraternity, and that has provided us with some entertainment. We think we're going to enjoy it here. Oh, and early last semester we met a girl who we dated some. Last week she gave birth to twins. Unfortunately mine died at birth, but she needs to know what you want to name yours. Love, your son."