So I just wanted to clarify the diagnosis and throw out a few more questions. Thank you all so much for your feedback!

I've drained the processor of chemicals and cleaned it thoroughly. When I go to fill it with water, by placing the funnel in the drain hole of tank 1 (with the drain tube capped) the water flows back through the agitator tubes like it's supposed to, but a small amount of water also bubbles up from the drain hole of tank 2.

If I continue and fill each tank completely and then run the processor, with the lid off and the rollers out, I can actually see the water level in tank drop as it rises in tank 2, until it either overflows or I just turn the processor off. The water seems to be entering tank 2 via the pump system or some other internal problem because it's not flowing over the top or sides of tank 1. I'm really stumped because everything I know about the processor seems to suggest that whats happen isn't really possible, and a great deal of the feedback I've received echos that; however, it is happening.

I'm in Asheville, North Carolina, can anyone recommend an repair technician within a days drive or so?

I've also thought about contacting a local small parts mechanic, like a dishwasher repair person, etc. Does that seem reasonable at all? My thinking is that, since it's not an incredibly complex mechanical device an unrelated mechanic might be able to resolve the issue with just a little tinkering, though I'm also concerned that this option could lead to huge bill and a more thoroughly broken machine.

Any advice that you may have is greatly appreciated! As I said we're a public darkroom, we're actually in the process of establishing 501c(3) status, and the processor went kaput the first week we opened to the public, so we're desperately anxious to get her back on her feet!

Thanks Again!