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That's much easier to do at airport rail systems - they're all new, and can be designed and built to standards, and retrofits are easy because the entire system is built to the same spec. About the only thing standard on the NYC Subway is the rail gauge and the voltage the trains run on.

Yea, NYC can't even convert to the tap cards like every other transit system, they still use paper cards with magnetic swipes for everything and then they get wet and you're screwed, you can get plastic ones if you request them at the window, lol. What a pain... get with the times NY! But if they can't even do that, they aren't going to be able to re-do the entire system of platforms.

Some of the water pumping stations are the original pumps from the 1800's.... seriously ... I saw an interview with one of the engineers "well, they still run, so, it's a simple design and it works, why update to a complicated electronic system, good ol' steel works just fine" I'm paraphrasing... but they aren't going to change anything ... just like APUGer's well never go digital hahahaha

Edit: never go FULLY digital...