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If you run the second strip under the faucet, does the light cyan color go away? If so, does it come back when it is dried? I think you are making a connection between the color of the unprocessed paper and the cyan cast of the test strip where there isn't any. They are coincidental and unrelated.
I have been always talking about the blue/cyan top coating, as seen in the second picture. I think it is in the top protective layer.

For the unprocessed paper, I believe the color can be completely washed out in rinse water (as seen in the 2nd picture). For the white part of the test strip, I can wash out the blue/cyan color with rinse water and the cover won't come back.

I believe this color has nothing to do with the image forming dye....

This paper color is documented in Fuji's document, as the Raw Material Color of the paper.