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Read my previous post and look at the scanned Dmax values of the old and new paper.

I've also explained the reason behind the blue color. It is there to adjust speed and to sharpen the image. It washes out. Nothing washes off! The blue color of processed paper that Red Sun is seeing is not related to the blue dye in the paper that washes out! It is probably fog of some sort.

If you fully process a sheet of unexposed paper, and just blix a sheet of unexposed paper, then if they differ in blue color (or cyan), then it is fog. If they do not differ in color, then it is indeed retained blue dye, and this indicates some sort of defect in the paper or process.

Well, well, well....

There is no paper fog at all. The paper has no defect.

The blue color of the processed paper can be washed off, washed away, or washed out, or whatever you want to say it. I tried some strips with 2 minutes RA rinse and the blue color did go away completely, as it supposed to be. The un-exposed 1/2 strips are white color, just as the previous batches.

It is just a simple blue/cyan top coating get washed away during pre-rinse. I do not understand why people made it so complicated....