[QUOTE=StoneNYC;1432521]Yes I know but that's like saying Advantix could make nice images...

PE and I went back and forth on this, I forgot to mention to him that I took a roll and shot it recently to prove myself wrong and him right, let me tell you the images are TERRIBLE but I'm going to take my scanner soon and instead of lab scans I'll scan them myself and see if they are any better, but even the 5x7's from the lab look TERRIBLE and I would never use them for anything. So I can't imagine 110 much different, I had a 110 camera as a kid and I've looked at those too and they look the same, all blotchy and "pixelated" it's just terrible. Haha

I admit they didn't make as many good films for those systems as they did for 35mm but damn it's bad LOL

So, I agree to a point but even my 1.2 megapixel digital camera looks better than those advantix shots.

126 is not in the same catagory as 110 or Advantix, it was about the same size as 135mm just square and Nikon and Kodak made decent 126 SLRs. Kodak made a few higher end fixed lens 126 cameras with good lens. I always though the flaw was the plastic cassesstt which could distort in hot weather.