Mr Du Jour - I've found my spotmeters to be more accurate and predictable than any TTL meter system. For one thing, they CAN be individually calibrated; for another thing, they don't receive
a reading after jumping thru all kinds of additional hoops that have nothing to do with the basic
light measurement itself. And I like what a spotmeter is so good at - comparing distinct areas of
a scene and quickly placing them on a relative scale as well as basepoints of shadow and highlight
threshold. Good for more than just Zone System work. Now when I'm just out for a casual walk in
the rain, I might just tuck a Nikon under my parka along with a film with a bit of forgiveness to the
characteristic curve, and use thru-the-lens metering. But at something like $20 per pop for a dev
sheet of 8x10 color film, do you think I'm going to risk that?