I'm not sure I agree with the arguments in these videos. The first 5 minutes are spent praising the "experience" of shooting with film; that is, he argues that we should use film because it is enjoyable to use. Sure, we're all trying to have aesthetic experiences (even while we're trying to make aesthetic experiences for others), but I'm not sure that I can recommend film photography for the aesthetic experience the photographer gets.

He does get into the other merits, but I think he could've been more rigorous about it. He spent most of his time repeating himself about digital clipping. There are lots of things he could've talked about: he could've said something about the interpolation effects that come from using Bayer filter; he could've said how and why digital noise comes about; he could've said something about the anti-aliasing (and other) filters that permanently cover most digital sensors; etc.

I do like how he gives us an idea of what kind of choices we get when we shoot film—for example, "every roll of film is a new sensor."