I didn't mean to criticize you personally, but this type of question has come up often and it generally follows the same line: the desire for a full-featured camera at a very low price. But I suppose we're all after that deal.

My mom called it "champagne taste on a beer budget." I used to laugh at that remark, but I suppose she was right.

However, I still think that the Bessa-R2 is the best value for the money. Great viewfinder. Interchangeable lenses. Accurate meter, although you don't get much as far as viewfinder display

I can't recall if I mentioned the Voigtlander Vitomatic IIb with a Color-Skopar lens. This is a 1960s "Made in Germany" Voigtlander camera.

The camera has a small prism that allows you to see the shutter speed and aperture dials and meter needle in the viewfinder. Plus, it has a rangfinder.

The lens is excellent, and the body is compact.

The only negative is that it weighs quite a bit more than other cameras.