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For one thing, I don't want to worry that some future phone or even OS update for the same phone may or may not be compatible with my enlarger.
For example, google IOS 6 and bluetooth...
This is an excellent point. Software development environments change faster than product purchasers change underware. It's all about hyper-competition via planned obsolescence. And that obsolescence is often out of the hands of the end-user application developer.

My darkroom is how I get off that high-speed merry-go-round. At least on weekends. I'm not so sure I'd want to willingly throw my enlarging system back onto that same merry-go-round.

For example, I've been considering the purchase of a new Epson V750 scanner. Not to make prints. I'd never do that. But just for it's over-sized (up to 8x10) transparency scanning capabilities for online display. I know it will work with Win7. But what if Epson declines to develop a Win8 driver?

Wouldn't want that to happen to my darkroom...