Hey, an Altman thread! I worked there from about April of 73 to May of 75 when they closed. I'd just got married in March 75 and it was quite a blow to lose a job I really loved. Finally worked for a little shop on Dearborn st. until September of 78 when we moved to the Pacific NW, young wife, 14 month old daughter and all. Didn't get back to visit Chicago till Sept, 2008, 30 years later, and found my Chicago was GONE! Visited Central Camera and right away recognized a salesman who had worked at Wolk's Camera (remember them?) right next to Altman's on Wabash st. It was his last week on the job, just about to retire. Altman's gone, Wolk's gone, Bass Camera gone, Shutan Camera gone, now it is a camera store desert out there. I'd have to make a 130 mile round trip to Seattle to look at a reasonable selection of cameras now. Oh well, I'm old, what does it manner. I have more film gear than I could ever use and film and paper and chem's are just a mouse click away. Such is our modern world for old camera farts like me.