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Light doesn't matter after the reversal step, because that fully exposes all the halides. Extra exposure makes no difference, so you could do the reversal and everything after (CD, bleach, fix) in light.

As to agitation, bleach+fix are to completion. If you reduce the agitation, you may need to go for a little longer to make sure you don't under-blix. The kits I've worked with (Fuji) recommend continuous agitation and they state slightly longer times for 5/30 agitation patterns.
Does Fuji still make a kit?

is it a 3 bath kit or one of those complicated 6+ bath kits?

So the reversal step is the "first developer"? so in a longer process (more than 3 baths) is there a separate step for the reversal? why don't they just call it the "reversal developer" unless it's a combination of baths in one?

Thanks I'm coming into E-6 very late in the game and have only used the arista 3 bath developer, the results were phenomenal but I want to know any advantages to more developing steps? thanks.