I often get asked "Can that old camera make colored pictures?" Other than the absolutely dumbfounded look I give them, I tell them any camera can, it depends on the film. They usually say things like "Oh, I thought they didn't make cameras for color until the '60s or '70s." What's most surprising is it's usually older folks asking!

The surprise to most observers, I think, is that someone is trying to learn and make an effort. You're not sitting around letting your camera do the work, and this takes away from the joy of socializing without joining society. We live in a throw away, have it now world. The cheapest camera can make your picture for you, freeing you from the burden of knowledge or effort, and we all know at least a dozen folks free from the burden of any practical knowledge, right? If you have to learn to make pictures and wait for them, how can you enjoy photography, or Facebook every shot you make?