Pros: RF hard to get out of alignment
Biggest Rangefinder Base of any 35mm RF camera
Super Silent Shutter (when well maintained it's quieter than a Leica Shutter of the same vintage)
Superb lenses
Combined RF/VF
Rollerblind shutter won't burn trough when leaving the camera uncaped in the sun , unlike some clothshutters
Better overall construction than any other RF camera of the same period even Leica

Cons: The Contax Grip you have to get used to
No brightline Viewfinder
50mm only Viewfinder (the Russian Tourette Finder for the Kiev is a cheap option)
Shutter ribbons are prone to wear trough.
Less lens choice than LTM

I love my Contax and think that it is overall a better choice than a Leica Ltm. If you need to get used to the Contax Grip buy a Kiev as trainer, the lenses for the Contax and Kiev are fully compatible.