I am just back into the C/Y system having purchased an RXII recently... just need some lenses ;-) I had Aria some moons ago and used a 50 f1.7 and 135 f2.8 - both of which I thought were very nice. I mainly use a Leica M2 with the 35 Biogon f2.8 and I kind of want a small system to supplement it.

I realise this is an incredibly broad question with many answers but I'd appreciate a heads-up on the primo C/Y lenses. I'd like a 50 that I can use for reasonably high mag. I don't really need macro but the f1.4 at 0.45m should suit me well. Stopped down is this lens good at close distances? Out of interest is there a general consensus on the 60 macro quality?

I'd also like one longer lens and a 24-28. I've done a bit of research and read great things about the 28mm. Also the 135 (f2.8) seems like a bargain really. Any other suggestions? Would the 28 / 50 f1.4 and 135 be a good start? Obviously I am thinking smallish budget here so the real top end lenses will be out of my range at the moment.