The 50 1.4 is an outstanding all-around lens. There are two versions of the 60 makro-planar - the 60 C (for compact) which will give 1:2, and the 60 non-C which will give 1:1. The non-C version is much larger, physically, heavier, and it also will only work in aperture preferred or manual. It is however considered to be one of the best macro lenses for 35mm.

On a short list of lenses for this system, with a limited budget:

28mm f2.8
50mm f1.4
85mm f2.8

That would get you a nice well-rounded kit, without forcing you to get a second mortgage. Save up and get the 85mm f1.4 when you can. It's one of the best lenses at that focal length ever. I took it with me to Cambodia and got some awesome photos of the monks at Angkor.