Hey all!

I've got a barely opened 20l (4 x 5l) box of the kodak RA4 developer replenisher rt/lu that's been stored in a cold cellar for the last 2 years. (Not used due to me moving house to somewhere big enough for a permanent DR!!!)

Part b of the dev has gone blue/black. I seem to remember it being almost colourless when I purchased it.

So... My question is this: can I use the dark-coloured part b as is, or is there a home brew part b that I could make so that I don't have to bin the whole lot...

... or should I stop being such a tighta**e and ditch this old stuff and buy new?

The reason I'm asking, rather than just trying it out is because I'm currently constructing said permanent DR... All gear is in storage whilst building work goes on in the cellar and I've got nowhere else dark enough in the house.

Whilst I'm on the subject, will the accompanying blix (similarly unused) be ok? Am I right in thinking its 'just' a ferrocyanide/bromide blix?

Furthermore, as a scientist (like so many of us here ) is there a good reference so that I can really look into the chemistry of colour developers in general, and perhaps (if Kodak haven't kept it secret) some specifics on the kodak RA4 composition