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I remember my first photo class that involved artificial lighting they taught us strobes. I felt I had no control. Later, I got a job assisting a photographer that used hot lights. It was a true revelation for me. Hot lights have a richness that strobes don't have. I use both, but I prefer hot lights. Especially using LF. Way easier to focus than strobe modeling lights.
I feel the same way. I'm a newbie at lighting. In my class too, we were taught strobes and, like you, I felt I had no control over them. When all of you talk about hot lights, are you referring to "continuous" light or the "lamp"-looking thing that cannot be regulated (as far as power is concerned; i.e., quantity of light)? I was shopping for some lights and I wanted to get continuous as opposed to strobe. I don't know if I'm confused. Thanks. (Sorry for jumping on this thread. Didn't mean to take it on a tangent.)