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Gotta disagree with my friend Ctein there. And I think I have done at least as much testing relative
to this subject as he has. But one does not need a full range of multicontrast filters. All you need is
tricolor blue and green, provided you have a sufficiently strong light source. Otherwise, actual colorheads for popular 4x5 enlargers are selling for peanuts right now, even entire enlargers equipped with them. That's all you need.
I hear ya, I am not exactly a fan of putting plastic in front of a Apo-N I paid $900 for either, but I am also not a fan of tossing a great closed loop system like my StopClock Vario, sensor and V54 head out the window. Like I said, I will do a test, maybe today even. But I am also very interested in this new setup, it could pretty much solve it instead of juggling filters by hand or in a color head.


I know the color head is an option, but there is a reason why many prefer VC heads or just using the MG filters, we are more the artist type than the number cruncher type and prefer to keep it that way...