A little bit of an introduction starting in Grade 11 in a high school camera club ,of how to expose, and devlop film, and make rudimentary prints.

Then I found a copy of The Craft of Photography by David Vestal in my smaller city public libray circa 1986, checked out maybe three times before I found it.
This was back in the days when there was a renewal reminder sticker inside the front cover, and rubber stamped dates applied. I think I checked that book out and renewed it or got it out again about 25 times in the next three years.

Then it was reading Popular Photography bought at the news stand for quite a few years. Then uni- no real time and not much money for all but school, but I moved the darkroom to uni with me in third and fourth year, and got back active again. Haven't really stopped in the intervening 23 years.

One workshop four years ago. Really good instructors, excellent learning in 'seeing', great critiques. I hope to do more, but middle age, with work, kids activities, etc, well they will have to wait, so the self taught rules I guess.

In the last two years I have lead a few one night workshop sessiions at a camera club with a communal darkroom. Coating cyanotype, using diffusion and texture screens, combination negative printing and masking, ortholith film etc.

I find a lot of inspiration and learning from interacting with the participants and having questions posed from other than my own point of view.

Also having to school yourself up as a bit of the expert, prepare demonstration expanples and stage the workshop to a fixed schedule makes your brain gear up more than the more relaxed domestic darkroom routine.