I have a low tech DIY option that works like the nice stainless clip you show.

I think I got part of it from an old Ansel Adams tip I read somewhere.

You take a conventional wooden spring clothes peg, and take it apart, and install the spring 'backwards' so the thin tapering parts - usually the parts that your fingers squeeze, which mate smoothly to one another are the part squeezed together by the spring.

That is what holds your print by the corner, or film edge.

I then undo a conventional paper clip, and use the small trombone part to hook over the wire line over my sink, and bend the fat part to run though the middle of the spring of the clothes peg to hold it up.

the next refinement was to cut off the 'backs' of the new clothesclip so that it does not tip over when it is empty.

The final 'twist' was to turn the orientation so thst the hooks aligh the clips 90 degrees to the support wire.

Now I have about 30 clips on the wire, can hang up to 8x10's DW FB's about 2" apart,and know that they will be damp dry without any touching the next one in about half an hour.
After that they go face down on screens, and are all dry the next morning. Larger print sizes need more space betwen each other to not touch. But is is rare for me to print more than 10 larger than 8x10 FB in one night.