Made up my mind on the 35mm combo's I going to keep now after GAS-ing for years: F100+28AFD: for b&w F100+50AF+85AFD: for b&w F90X/MB10+28-80AF or 35-70AF: for C41/E6 color F90X/MB10+70-210AF or 75-300AF : for C41/E6 color

5.oly mju zoom MkI 38-70mm: for C41/E6 color
6.oly mju zoom MkI 38-70mm: for b&w

My arguments for this:

- "prosumer" grade SLR 's on the market now aren't worn out at all and cheap, any pro body I encounter was worn out/used heavily and expensive, so easily/cheaply replaced when broken
- using 2 identical bodies keep my mind on (color and) composition instead of searching the right button on the other new camera I GAS-sed again
- it will make my choices limited before heading out, I started to hate having to CHOOSE out of all these machines/lenses before heading out
- I'm now for choosing one b/w film dev combo and one color film though that seems not very wise considering film use has to be supported as widely as possible

Is there anyone recognising this setup or do you have any recommondations to add to it?