I would like to hear thoughts, opinions and experiences on the following please.

I have been thinking about how to best use my limited time in my darkroom. When working with fiber based paper my prints spend 3 minutes in hypo #1 followed by a water holding tray until I am finished printing about 6-8 "keepers" I then transfer the bunch into hypo #2 for an additional three minutes followed by 10 minutes in hypo-clear and finally a 45 minute final wash.

My question. Can I get away with a short rinse, say 15 minutes after hypo #1, let them dry (back to back hanging) and call this stage #1. Then, at a later date, pre-soak, hypo #2 for three minutes, 10 minute hypo clear, 45 minute archival wash, tone (sepia or selenium), final rinse and call this stage #2?

What do you think? Is it OK to keep an "under-washed" print for a few weeks with residual hypo until stage #2?