Most newbies only decide to shoot film because they can buy second hand 'professional' analog cameras very cheaply. We all know this, but nobody ever admits it because it kills the enjoyable argument. Entering the digital market, there are two options - sell your car/s or house and go MF or... accept that you're an amateur and buy a Canon/Nikon DSLR. One choice is hard on the wallet and the other on the ego. Shooting film provides a person with the ego boosting illusion of professionalism with just a little cash here and there.

When this hobby/profession gets serious, finances define our every move. I said it on another thread - some people are of the 'pay as you go' mentality - film, others prefer '18 month contracts' - digital. One suits the artist better and one suits the professional.

But of course, people feel more comfortable talking about aesthetics than the real issue - money. If the Hasselblad H4D was 1000, this forum would become very quiet, very quick.