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Matt, you got my post card. That was printed at 12 secs with a 1 filter. I started at 2 but the shadows were too dark.

Is that image a good example where SG would be better suited?

It may very well be an example where split grade techniques would add controls that would benefit you.

But those extra controls would be ones that allow you to use different contrast behaviours for different parts of the image.

Something like doing a lighter print at grade 2, and then adding a burn at grade 1 in the highlighted areas only.

That would give you better definition in the shadows.

To repeat myself, if you are just adding a low contrast, overall exposure to a high contrast, overall exposure, you aren't getting anything different than a single, mid contrast exposure. So it would be a really good idea if you can get yourself directly to that single mid contrast exposure. Then add split contrast tools to customize further your result.

If thinking about contrast grades in split grade terms helps you visualize how to proceed, and you find it difficult to think instead in terms of single, intermediate contrast terms, then feel free to continuing to use the technique. Most of us here just think that if you don't understand how both approaches work, then the extra complexity of split grade may end up tripping you up.