I'm self taught completely (and I mean no formal school training).

At 12 I asked my Dad to show me how to use this camera I found in the attic.

He took me to the zoo, I was having trouble shooting the lion because I didn't like the fence in the way and wanted to just see the lion. So my dad was a physicist so he explained it to me in his way, bending light around the fence so you couldn't see it (fully open aperture) and I was fascinated with how I could make the fence so blurry you couldn't see it.

Anyway I got the camera for Christmas and the rest is history, I really only had that one time, the rest I learned myself, about 3 years ago I assisted a fashion photographer once, and then again last year twice, and that's it, but that first time got me hooked on the lighting and I saw his technique and took it from there, I'm now doing fashion and lighting shots which I didn't do before.

My high school was a college prep school so no photography classes at all, so sad really, I wonder if I would have chosen to go to college for photography instead of not going because I didn't know what I wanted to do at the time, if I had had a formal class, I think that would have certainly motivated me and given more momentum.

I've been thinking lately it's time to take some classes on specifically photoshop and Lightroom a I'm mostly fumbling around in the dark with those programs...yes it's a FILM forum, but it's part of my story don't get mad.

Anyway that and I want to have access to resources that colleges provide. Contacts in the photo world so I can get my Kodachrome book published and such, things I can't do on my own, I need guidance. I never saw the value in a formal education until now, I wasn't ready, now that I am, I fear it's too late...


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