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2002 means it is the second most recent version of Plus-X - you need to be sure that you use the older times that apply to it.

And Stone, I have a request.

Please do not refer to Hypo Clearing Agent as "Hypo". "Hypo" is an old name for fixer. "Hypo Clearing Agent" is still the name for what should be referred to as "Fixer Clearing Agent" or Wash Aid. If you call something "Hypo", all of us "older" photographers are likely to become confused, and think you are talking about fixer.
Ahhh!!! I knew that! Sorry, I just had this discussion in another post and learned that, my mistake sorry.

I ALWAYS pre-wash, I like to get all color out before developing.

And I washed for much longer than normal and I RE-fixed (re-hypo'd hehe) one of the rolls because I worried I hadn't fixed it for long enough but that didn't change the base after 3.5 additional minutes of fixing... And then washed it Again... And both films looked identical.

Perhaps it's the dev times? I was using Ilfsol 3 but I can't look up the times for that since I'm pretty sure it didn't exist when the "older" second most recent version was out.

What was the time difference between the second newest and the newest version? I still have 2 more rolls. I shot them at 1 to 1/2 slower than box (125ASA) speed because of the '10 years one stop slower' rule, unless its one of those films that is supposed to be shot different than box speed, it should have been ok, I found it slightly under exposed as opposed to my pan f+ which was perfect. (Except my macro shots which I compensated for the extender tubes but stupidly forgot to compensate for bellows extension doh!!).

Could it just be that the film fogs green from age?


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