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Blix does work for RA4. And PE was involved with the research that confirmed that even the most modern Blix remained problematic for other purposes.
What's RA4? :/

Well you said he had a hand in the design or patents or something so I was joking about how he helped design something then called it inferior, it was my attempt at a joke.

Is it possible to use the first and color developers and the separate the bleach and fix step so make it a 4 step instead of doing the entire 6 step system?

If I knew an effective 6 step that was TONS cheaper than the $35 Arista rapid E-6 for 1 Liter of developer then I would totally go for it.

Also, I really don't understand color chemical much, I know what fixer is from B&W but what exactly is bleach? Like is it the same as Clorox bleach? Or something entirely different?

I'm totally ignorant about color and only half way ignorant about B&W


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