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A reducer is used to remove silver from a negative or print. For an over exposed negative you need a cutting reducer like Farmer's Reducer. After developing and fixing the negative wash it briefly and then immerse it in Farmer's reducer. The formula is readily available on many websites and consists of potassium ferricyanide and sodium thiosulfate. Watch the negative carefully to check when the density is approaching the desired level. Remove the negative from the bath and wash it briefly and then refix it in youy usual fixer. Rewash the negative for your usual time to remove any thiosulfate from the reducing bath. It is best to stop just before the negative reaches the desired density as reduction continues for a brief period during washing. This can all be done in room light.

You can buy the reducer ready to be mixed from Photographer's Formulary. You want their Reducer #1.
Oh wow! That's awesome!!

How bad is the grain after that? (Obviously it fluctuates depending on amount of adjustment, but generally, like 25% more grain? 60%? Etc).



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