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I'm sorry to be nasty, but you're absolutely delusional. No one is going to sell you any medium format camera that cheap. You can get a Fuji 6x9 rangefinder for $500 or so, and it does all you want except the ability to change formats. If you're willing to settle on a 6x7, you can get a Mamiya RB67 for a few hundred, and it offers 6x7, 6x6, and 645 backs.
good sir, I apologize if this seems harsh, but you are highly disconnected from reality. Id advise youdo some research on the going rate for cameras these days. I see about 8-10 cameras each day go for under $50, mostly old folding belows cams like i am speaking of. I am kicking my self for not snagging a Busch Pressman for $65. I have seen Ikontas, Bessa's and Agfa folders go for $10, regularly. My request, is not that hard. what model of 6x9 camera has a bottom placed landscape oriented tripod mounting socket? It is even better if it has more than one format by way of masks and I dont need to cut a hole in the back for red plastic. Lastly, is there one that will have aperture and timing available to get a range of shots, ideally with rail focus and not an automatic length from extension. I know most of these features exist. I am not sure if I can find them all in one camera. I certainly hope you explore further and educate yourself better.

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