It's quite possible to find good 6x9 cameras for around the sellers $40. A few weeks ago i picked uo a good Ross Xpres lens in a shytter for 2 ($3.20) and las Sunday picked up a Ross Ensign 420 Selfix minus it's lens for 4 ($6.40). The two match and now I have a second 6x9 & 6x6 camera for a total of 6 ($9.60).

In the Spring I bought an excellent Ensign Selfix 820 for 30 ($48) this is a later version of the camera above, with a better shutter, both have windows & built in masks for 6x6 as well a 6x9, and the same coated 105mm Xpres lens.

I've also bought a Zeiss Nettar with a good coated Novar for 2 ($3.20) recently but this is 6x6 only. So cameras are around at bargain prices if you look. Welcome to APUG BTW.