I am one of those young amateurs who chose film because of the cheap high end cameras.
Got an OM1 for the price of a cheap digi P&S and it's great for the learning. Learning manual is much better than going from auto to less auto modes. In my experience, it's handing is much better and simpler than entry level DSLRs.

As of film, some of it is emotional linking. Aesthetically, avoiding the digital artifacts (clipping on highlights, compression, noise, Bayer interpolation, etc) gives it a very elegant look.
One of the qualities of film I like is it's physical presence. A few days ago my old computer didn't boot. I have a backup, but not a proper one. But see, from a day to the next, the thing might not want to work; Bringing your files to the grave.
I despise doing the boring job of backing up files, too lazy and boring. After I finish my trimester I have the job of doing maintenance and backing up my computers...

Well, I picked up a m43 digital camera (was a bargain that had to be snatched) and the thing does it's work nicely; Great for snapshots, but, it's boring. I want to go MF someday.