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Reduction is not something that you want to do to lessen grain or improve acutance. It's purpose is to salvage negatives that have been improperly exposed or developed. I doubt that it would improve acutance.

There are 3 types of reducers.

o Cutting or sub-proportional
o Proportional
o Super-proportional

Each addresses a different problem. Their use is usually the subject of an entire chapter in such books as Ansel Adams, The Negative. Depending on whether the ferricyanide and thiosulfate are mixed together or used seperately Farmer's Reducer can be either a cutting reducer or a proportional one. When mixed together the reducer lasts for only an hour or so and cannot be saved.
Thanks, I'll have to read up on it more, the change in terms over the ages is what often gets me confused or stuck when reading one thing, then another, but this is certainly a stepping point. I Hope this can help the OP as well.


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