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It's never too late to keep learning. In NY, you have some fantastic programs you can access. There's always ICP, and if you ever get the itch to learn alternative processes, there's CAP (Center for Alternative Processes, formerly known as Center For Antique And Historic Processes, CFAAHP. CAP is an improvement ). Don't forget NYU, SVA, to name a couple. I'm sure some of the community colleges have courses you could take for a less money.
If I had a "normal" job where I could schedule classes, I would have ... [tangent] (also I live in CT, only use the name since I'm there often and it's catchy and easy to remember and AVAILABLE, my old site name was ...


My new one is www.stonenyc.com

MUCH easier... (I'm blind how many 'i' s is that? ... Got that a lot before...)

Now I just need to make the site look nice instead of cheesy like it is now and I'll be all set!

[end tangent]

As I was saying... But I get my work set sporadically and ALWAYS need to be available for a call for the next day, I tried taking a single course once and missed 5 classes in a row because work fell on those days and so the professor failed me because I was being "irresponsible" by not coming to class, it was that or not have gas money to drive to school or eat... So formal education will be difficult. And work can be at all hours so not like I can take might classes or something, trust me if you suggest something I've probably thought of it before, until I change careers it's a lose/lose in photography unless I suddenly get a Jaggers (Abel) to elevate me to stardom! {Charles Dickens reference}.

Not to mention the commute to NY just for school, it finding a DECENT school in CT. lol

Thanks though.


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