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Unfortunately, this can also lead to some odd behaviours at extreme low grades, such as 00. See Nicholas Lindan short paper: "The Workings of Variable Contrast Papers and Local Gamma". For that reason, split-grade technique can be a little easier to use with filters a little harder, such as 1 and 5, rather than 00 and 5. I believe that is what Bob Carnie practices. The effect will be the same, but the observed changes will seem more logical when using 1 rather than 00 for certain mid-tones.
I wonder if this demonstates a difference between the subtractive system of using white light and the additive system of a Blue/Green system.
Otherwise I have a hard time understanding how using a 1 setting of this much green and this much blue (plus this much blue for the #5 exposure) is different from this much green and (this much blue plus this much blue for the #5 exposure). Moving the brackets does not change the total quantity of green and blue. Comments?