We all fall in this trap with automation, not needing to think and take the easy route. Sometimes I hate thinking it makes me tired. If we photograph film we love talking about films, developers, cameras. This is sometimes very technical too technical. Just like the special features of a new phone. I remember my first proper camera was a nikon I brought it from a friend but I alwys wanted to buy a Leica way back in 1995. I read up about the differences about the R8 and the M6, seeing that the R8 is the much better camera I brought myself one.
Today I have a borrowed M3 from a friend of mine and I just think for what do I need an exposure meter after I learnt how to estimate my exposure.
Often when photographing people want money from me even if hey were not in the picture! I remeber this elderly woman coming up from the side saying "I do not want to be photographed".
I just thought actually you do want to be photographed but you are insecure, paranoid and don't want to be photographed, then again you do want to be photographed, then again, maybe not.
Maybe we need a new commen enemy like the good old communist to make us fell more relaxed about life.