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Sorry, but you cannot get a good 6x9 camera for $40. Good meaning it WORKS, the bellows doesn't leak, its shutter isn't gummed up, the rangefinder is ACCURATE. You do want to take pictures, right? Of course, on Ebay, everything is Minty, right?
I beg to differ.

I can and have bought good fully functional 6x9 cameras for around the $40 mark and for considerably less as well, but they don't show up on ebay very often these days. There's a seller at the camera fair I go to who has boxes of cameras for 2-5 each and I've had several excellent bargains from him.

The OP never mentioned wanting a rangefinder camera that does up the price, and speaking from experience it's remarkably easy to estimate the distances and set the focussing manually on these old folders.

I'd forget ebay for something like this, best place to buy is car boot sales, flea markets, camera fairs, garage sales (rare in the UK), and some charity shops - but many sell their cameras etc on Ebay as they can get higher bprices. Sometimes you can find them in antique shops at bargain prices as well.