Hello folks,
I would like to add to my camera gear one 35mm body with two or three prime lenses (24/28 - (50) - 85/105)- I've been thinking about going the Nikon way. I am still deciding between going the "older-school" F3 way or more up-to-date F100 way. I don't own any other 35mm or digital equipment at the moment - so no other compatibility considerations.
Anyway, when I started looking at nikon lenses, I became lost almost instantly - so many models and generations - Ai, Ais, EF-D, AF, don't know what other letters are there..
So my main question is - is there any concise guide to nikon lenses somewhere on the internet or any other source? I am at a loss when it comes with compatibility between mentioned film bodies (only thing I understand is that the F3 won't do autofocus, of course, but I still doubt whether I want/need that feature ). And on top of that if I start to build a collection (albeit small) of nikon glass, I'd like to ensure the compatibility with their digital range (D300/D700 and similar) - if I ever need to go that way.

Thank you.