I got this years ago from a professional photographer who had decided to retire and concentrate all his time on other activities. If you're a wedding photographer, architectural photographer, design photographer, fine arts photographer, portrait photographer, photographer of retail merchandising, specialty sports photographer or if you just want a really serious and versatile flash, I would encourage you to consider this one. You'll get correct flash exposure from about 18 inches out to 40 feet or so. This is a very interesting flash in that it can be used with either 4 alkaline "C" cells, rechargeable "C" cells, the SUNPAK rechargeable ni-cad battery cluster or A/C power (if you have the A/C adapter). The battery cluster for this one is dead, however this cluster could be rebuilt with new ni-cad cells. Personally I think I'd just invest in rechargeable (ni-cad) "C" cells. They'll work fine as the requirement for this flash is only 1.2 v per battery, and they're going to be less expensive. It also comes with the correct (matched) hotshoe connector and hotshoe cord and the connector bracket. This flash always worked fine for me, and testing it with 4 "C" cells this morning tells me it is still working as it should. Being a thyristor circuit, it powers up and recovers quickly. The front window is clear and not cracked, and the unit overall shows what I'd call average use. As I said before, if you are serious about film photography and you need a super flash unit, please don't overlook this. Mike Butkus has the owner's manual on his site (please remember to send him a donation). If questions, please send a PM.

$40 plus actual cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international buyers but check/cash/money order for domestic please.