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Cancel out the alternative format nonsense, and a Foldex 6.3 (sometimes refered to as a Foldex 30) fits the bill.
I have one of these and I love it. Really fun, light, compact, and capable of making good photos. Mine has a minor intermittent light leak problem that I'm struggling with, I think light is getting in through the green window and bouncing around behind the pressure plate.... I expect to figure out how to fix it eventually. The bellows are fine.

Oddly enough, I started reading this thread because I'd also like a camera just like OP, and would love to hear other's experience with the different choices. I really like the 6x9 format and don't care about inserts for smaller frames. The foldex 30 has a tripod mount in portrait orientation but not on the bottom for landscape. For slower film, a tripod mount would be a really really good thing to have. I'm looking to add one to mine. The camera was very much made for handheld operation and has a neat feature that lets you trigger the shutter without having to reach out to the lens. I guess that's why they left the tripod mount off the bottom...although I find that hard to understand since so many other details seem well thought out.

Mine was about $20 on the goodwill auction site and it is in very nice condition. At the moment it's my favorite camera for just carrying around. I hope some more people will chime in with experience with different 6x9 folders... for example I think there are some Agfa models where the scale focus winding gets stuck... these are the sorts of things that newcomers like myself need to know to watch out for!