I wish you luck in your search... I know it's possible, but perhaps not on-demand...

I bought the worst beat-up-looking Ikonta 6x9 on ebay. I don't recall the price but it was near 100 dollars. Nobody else would touch it. I had the seller drop-ship it to a technician for CLA. When I got the camera, word from the tech was "never again". He fixed it alright. It's a great sleeper. Lately had to patch couple pinholes in bellows but otherwise a great but ugly performer. It has two tripod sockets as you requested. There is a mask that lets you shoot 6x6. I don't have it and I say phooey to that. 6x9 is the perfect roll-film format to my mind. All that great film, in a convenient roll format that fits a standard steel reel to process scratch-free. Half the real-estate of 4x5, comes close to delivering the image quality.

I also got, at a consignment shop nearby, a Bessa II 6x9. Also ugly outside. But insides practically new. This one only needed toothpicks and Q-Tips to restore. Price? 35 dollars.

I'd say either is worth 250 dollars, so if you can budget that much you will have your camera sooner.