If youre thinking F3, FE/FM series or Autofocus bodies the Ai and Ais lens lines are pretty much the same. On the AF bodies you loose Shutter priority an Program exposure modes and matrix metering (and ofcource autofocus) but otherwise the lenses work fine.
AF and AFD differs in the Distance info given to the camera by the lens which can be of use if using flash. AFS has the AF motor in the lensbarrels so it does not need the one in the camera body. I don't care if my lenses are Ai or Ais but I prefer AFD to AF. If you want to use your lenses on both AF and MF camera stay clear of the AFG lenses which are without the apperturering.
The 24,50 and 105mm combo works great for me.
BTW I like both my F100, F90X, F3, FE2 and FM (would like a FM2n though)
Best regards