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Wow; your arrogance is impressive.

Seems that, yet again, your opinion has got in the way of fact. As I previously wrote, I have a mint (no idea what you mean by "minty", as I don't rate cameras by their flavour) 6x9 that cost me $40.

Just because you choose not to believe something does not make it true.

hi LJH

i kind of believe what chris suggested.
most of the time you get what you pay for ..
and it is not often you get a camera in
very good condition for 40$. usually
what is sold for that small amount of $$
requires a CLA amongst other things.
especially on ebay, when people are not
really honest about condition &c.
i have bought a camera for less than 100$
that were described as users.
even after repeated info requests / email
the sellers suggested the cameras were
working at all speeds, in great condition &c
and in the end, when the camera/s arrived
they were nothing like the seller described.
shutter speeds didn't even fire on all speeds
and with one of these cameras, the shutter
was so seized that a repair guy who is used to
repairing folders and dial shutters, couldn't even
access the works to fix the shutter ...
luckily,the seller had a return policy, and while
i received $$ back, shipping was a PITA
and i was harassed by the seller ...
so in the end ... i guess i got a little more than what i paid for

as with everything, YMMV