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it's a lot easier (and uglier) to make a temporary bellows extension using a rigid blacked out cardboard box. Attach the 10x10 box to the rear standard on one end (tape does work fine) and the 8x10 end of the bellows on the other....you get a huge 10x10 or larger bellow extension for very little cost that way. also way less weight and very cheap...you can do this today and be working without having bellows made, etc...extra expense.

Thanks for your reply. I was trying to think of something along those lines but couldn't quite figure out how to get a rigid box (Rigid bellows) in with the tapered 8x10 bellows that I already have.

If I understand your explanation correctly, the back of the box is attached to the front of the rear standard and the 8x10 back of the old bellows is attached/taped to the front of the rigid box?? This sounds like it can be done with duct tape. Basically , I would be inserting a rigid 10x10 box between the rear standard and the back to the bellows.

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