I have quite a bit of older outdated film for sale. It has been in my freezer since purchased. I was cleaning out my freezer and found the following:

Reala CS120 8/2000 11 rolls $5.00 ea
Reala CS220 9/1997 16 rolls $9.00 ea

NPL 120 two Pro Packs 2/2007 $40.00 ea
NPL 4x5 2-50 sheet boxes 7/2006 $100.00 ea

NHG 400asa 220 4/1998 13 rolls $7.00 ea
NHG 400asa 120 7/97,8/97 4 rolls 2 of ea $4.00 ea

NPC 120 1/2004 10 rolls $4.00 ea.

NPZ 800asa 11/2006 7 rolls $5.00 ea

Portra BW 120 9/2005 4 rolls $3.00 ea.

Fuji RTP 135-36 64T 7/1999 it will go to the first person to buy some of the NPL above.

The above prices are my best estimate of their value, but I might be way off so offers will be accepted both for more or less than listed.

I will also entertain offers for bulk purchases.

I would not have any problems shooting this film, I just don't shoot that much medium format any longer.