So, I leave in six days for a for a four week, cross-country odyssey, and I thought, "Hey, what better time to shoot dozens dozens of rolls of 120 film with a used and untested camera system that I just bought!"

Good idea? I thought you'd agree.

To mitigate some of this madness I thought it might be a good idea to test the backs for light trap leaks. But there's not much time and maybe those tests aren't definitive. Instead, maybe I should change the trap myself on all the backs, just to be sure? For those who do this all the time, can I just use some foam from the arts and crafts store (and which kind of foam, exactly, and what kind of glue)? I see the instructions on the Hasselblad historical page--anything else I should know?

A second question--one back I bought, a 220, doesn't fit very well. Same on both my bodies. When you look straight down at the back from the top the right hand side, where it meets the body, has a gap. You can see light through it. The light extends into the bosy area far enough that I believe is crosses the baffles. Clearly this is unusable but what the heck happened to this back? It looks in fine condition, no sign of drop or any other damage. Another of my backs, an A12, has a similar problem, but to a much lesser extent.

Finally, is there anything else I should test? I've had Hasselblads before, years ago, so I know how it all works. Lenses are fine, shutters are fine. Just a little worried about the backs...