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1) Shoot a test roll, have the Sun shining directly on the left side of the camera for some of the photographs.
2) Replace any gummy or light leaking seals or have David O do it.
Ahhh, Sirius, if only I had the time! As I mentioned in the first post, I'm on the road in a few days and, foolish or not, intend to use my untested Hasselblad gear.

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3) The hinges on the 220 back are probably bent, you can either gently push them back in place or if you are going to use the back, send it to David O.
However, you are on to something here. I looked at this before but after your post I looked again, a bit more carefully. And sure enough, the hinges on the body don't *quite* line up the same on both sides of that 220 back. And then when I look ever so carefully at the black metal frame on the inside of the back, and look at the back edge on, I can see that, very slightly, the plate bulges there, right at the hinge. Subtle, to be sure, but that must be the issue.

What to do--carefully tap it with a small hammer? Take off the plate and whack it then? The 220 I can use as a sort of testing grounds for the A12 back....